July 11 2017: CIEES team participated in Fuse Hub solution forum in Saratoga Springs...




July 6 2017: CIEES hosts a delegation from Center for Advanced Materials Processing (CAMP), Clarkson University...




June 8 2017, CIEES presents at Stony Brook University Incubator Showcase, ...




May 25 2017: CIEES delegation presented at HIA-LI 29th Annual Business Trade Show & Conference ... more


CIEES to hold a  first Workshop on Energy Storage and Electrical Systems on  October 5 2017... more


March 22-23, 2017: CIEES delegation participates in the 1st CAT Collaboration Symposium, Syracuse, NY, ...



January 24 2017: CIEES delegation participated in CAT advocacy day in NY State Capitol, Albany, NY, ...



October 25, 2016: CIEES delegation participates in NYSTAR director meeting in Rochester, NY, ...more


September 15, 2015: NYSTAR awards university $10 million to create new Center for Advanced Technology in Integrated Electrical Systems, ...more



Smart Grid Integration of Energy and Information Technologies


CIEES and Energy IT, Inc

This project involves three major tasks:

1. Design and develop a meter and data management system that will be eventually integrated into the larger energy management system.

2. Develop medium- and long-term load forecasting models using time-series analysis and/or methods of artificial neural networks, and integrate them into the previously developed short-term load forecasting system.

3. Conduct research and development of fast service restoration models and algorithms for electric distribution systems, by integrating the fault detection and location models developed previously, and integrate the developed models and algorithm into the existing energy management platform.

Center for Integrated Electric Energy Systems (CIEES)

Stony Brook University

Stony Brook, NY 11794-6217