Executive Director

Dr. Benjamin Hsiao

Distinguished Professor of Chemistry

Stony Brook University


Assistant: Kristin Nelson


+1 631-632-7929


Thrust 1: Electric Grid Technology

Dr. James Misewich

Associate Laboratory Director

Brookhaven National Laboratory


Professor, Physics and Astronomy

Stony Brook University




Economic Development

Dr. Ann-Marie Scheidt

Director of Economic Development

Stony Brook University


+1 631-216-7605


Scientific Members

  • Dr. Kathleen Araujo, Stony brook University, kathleen.araujo@stonybrook.edu
  • Dr. Tom Butcher, Brookhaven National Lab, butcher@bnl.gov
  • Dr. Jingguang Chen, Columbia University, jgchen@columbia.edu
  • Dr. Eugene A. Feinberg, Stony Brook University, eugene.feinberg@stonybrook.edu
  • Dr. Rob Johnson, Stony Brook University, rob@cs.sunysb.edu
  • Dr. Arie Kaufman, Stony Brook University, ari@cs.stonybrook.edu
  • Dr. Robert T. Lofaro, Brookhaven National Lab, lofaro@bnl.gov
  • Dr. Jon Longtin, Stony Brook University, jon.longtin@stonybrook.edu
  • Dr. Pat Looney, Brookhaven National Lab, jlooney@bnl.gov
  • Dr. Devinder Mahajan, Stony Brook University, devinder.mahajan@stonybrook.edu
  • Dr. Amy Marschilok, Stony Brook University, amy.marschilok@stonybrook.edu
  • Dr. James Misewich, Brookhaven National Lab, misewich@bnl.gov
  • Dr. David Mitlin, Clarkson University, dmitlin@clarkson.edu
  • Dr. Miriam H. Rafailovich, Stony Brook University, ririam.rafailovich@stonybrook.edu
  • Dr. Vyacheslav Solovyov, Stony Brook University, vyacheslav.solovyov@stonybrook.edu
  • Dr. Esther Takeuchi, Stony Brook University, esther.takeuchi@stonybrook.edu
  • Dr. T. A. Venkatesh, Stony Brook University, t.venkatesh@stonybrook.edu
  • Dr. Erez Zadok, Stony Brook University, ezk@cs.stonybrook.edu
  • Dr. Gang He, Stony Brook University, Gang.He@stonybrook.edu
  • Dr. Michael Kamins, michael.kamins@stonybrook.edu




Deputy Director

Dr. Vyacheslav Solovyov

Adjunct Professor

Electrical Engineering

Stony Brook University


+1 631-816-5189



Thrust 2: Energy Storage Technology

Dr. Esther Takeuchi

Distinguished Professor of Chemistry, Materials Science

Stony Brook University


Chief Scientist, Brookhaven National Laboratory


Dr. Amy Marschilok

Research Professor of Chemistry

Research Associate Professor of Materials Science

Stony Brook University





Business Development

Dr. Alejandro G. Schrott

CIEES Consultant


+1 631-216-7411

Mobile: +1 917-331-7398







July 11 2017: CIEES team participated in Fuse Hub solution forum in Saratoga Springs...




July 6 2017: CIEES hosts a delegation from Center for Advanced Materials Processing (CAMP), Clarkson University...




June 8 2017, CIEES presents at Stony Brook University Incubator Showcase, ...




May 25 2017: CIEES delegation presented at HIA-LI 29th Annual Business Trade Show & Conference ... more


CIEES to hold a  first Workshop on Energy Storage and Electrical Systems on  October 5 2017... more


March 22-23, 2017: CIEES delegation participates in the 1st CAT Collaboration Symposium, Syracuse, NY, ...



January 24 2017: CIEES delegation participated in CAT advocacy day in NY State Capitol, Albany, NY, ...



October 25, 2016: CIEES delegation participates in NYSTAR director meeting in Rochester, NY, ...more


September 15, 2015: NYSTAR awards university $10 million to create new Center for Advanced Technology in Integrated Electrical Systems, ...more


Center for Integrated Electric Energy Systems (CIEES)

Stony Brook University

Stony Brook, NY 11794-6217