Center for Advanced Technology (NYSTAR)


Evaluation of liquid salt (ZEBRA) batteries as seasonal energy storage solution for Long Island South Fork region

Unique Technical Service (UTS) is a small business specializing in development of power electronics for hybrid vehicles and electrical grid.


South Fork of Long Island (SFLI) is a high-density residential area facing power shortage in coming years. Due to large summer population, the electricity demand has a distinct seasonal pattern. The annual average power demand is 55 MW, however the summer month demand is 95 MW on average, reaching values as high as 140 MW for 10-20 hrs. In this project CIEES-UTS team is evaluating liquid salt (ZEBRA) batteries as an energy storage solution for South Fork region. ZEBRA batteries offer a low-cost energy storage that is better suited for an area with distinct seasonal energy demand. The battery normally operates at 300oC, when cooled to the ambient temperature it can be stored indefinitely. A battery farm would be activated for summer month only, thus requiring no off-season maintenance.