Center for Advanced Technology (NYSTAR)


Research: utilize SBU resources


Workforce development: find right employees

  • We provide internship programs for under-graduate and graduate students, closely working with SPIR
  • We select right students for the project
  • Post-doctoral positions for projects requiring a doctoral degree
  • We work with the Center of Corporate Education on development of workforce educational cources
  • Regular business development seminars

Funding: leverage New York State resources

Canada Parliament and Canadian Flag over blue sky.
  • We offer reduced, only 15%, overhead on labor and materials
  • New York State state cash cost-share on industrial contribution
  • Cost-sharing of federal grants: SBIR's and BAA's. CIEES can provide a NY-based business with critical non-federal cash for federal FOA's that mandate non-federal cost-share
  • Please see the budget example



The CIEES provides a portal to Stony Brook University intellectual resources, facilities, and programs. We are here to ease your way to evaluating if there is a campus match to your business needs.

Companies and inventors selected for participating in the Entrepreneur-in-Residence program can gain a sense of partnership as the Sensor CAT takes common cause with you in selected off campus funding, product testing, and prospective partnering situations where we think we can help while staying out of the way.

Our Entrepreneur-in-Residence Program helps businesses and entrepreneurs to address questions such as:

  • Should I form a company to commercialize my ideas?
  • What options do I have for pursuing funding for my company?
  • What are my own shortest pathways through the “valley of death?”
  • How can I approach a large customer, and what risks can arise?
  • How can I, or should I pursue overseas customers or partners?
  • How should I structure a license, R&D Agreement, or sales/distribution contract?
  • Should I look toward federal contracts to build my business?
  • How can I protect my intellectual property?

Based upon successful international entrepreneurship and diverse business contacts, our Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Lawrence Weber, Ph.D., may assist you in:

  • Identification of business model, and business sustainability issues.
  • Review of the mix of licensing, selling, grant applications, and venture capital best suited for the particular situation.
  • Prospective business partner referrals.
  • Business presentation materials review.
  • Identification of campus faculty partners for grant proposals.
  • Venture capital raise grooming and referrals.

Our most selective form of assistance, strategic contract review in depth from a business (not legal) perspective, requires company/inventor to sign a disclaimer.