Center for Advanced Technology (NYSTAR)

The team

CIEES advisory board

Kenneth Daly

Kenneth Daly

Former President, National Grid New York

Bob Catell s

Robert B. Catell

Former Chairman, National Grid USA

Janet Joseph

Janet Joseph

Vice President, NYSERDA

Yacov Shamash

Yacov Shamash

Vice President for Economic Development, Stony Brook University

David Daly

David Daly

President and Chief Operating Officer
Public Service Electric and Gas Company

Leadership team


 Executive Director

 Dr. Benjamin Hsiao

 Distinguished Professor

 Stony Brook University


Adjunct Professor

Dr. Vyacheslav Solovyov

Stony Brook University



 Business Development

Dr. Alejandro G. Schrott




Business Development Manager

 and Entrepreneur in Residence

Dr. Lawrence Weber

Stony Brook University


 Administrative assistant


Kristin Nelson

Stony Brook University

Thrust 1: Electric Grid Technology

Jim Misewich

Dr. James Misewich

Associate Laboratory Director

Brookhaven National Laboratory

Professor, Physics and Astronomy

Stony Brook University

Thrust 2: Energy Storage Technology


Dr. Esther Takeuchi

Distinguished Professor of Chemistry, Materials Science

Stony Brook University

Chief Scientist, Brookhaven National Laboratory



Thrust 2: Energy Storage Technology


Dr. Amy Marschilok

Research Professor of Chemistry

Research Associate Professor of Materials Science

Stony Brook University



Scientific members

  • Dr. Kathleen Araujo, Stony brook University,
  • Dr. Tom Butcher, Brookhaven National Lab,
  • Dr. Jingguang Chen, Columbia University,
  • Dr. Eugene A. Feinberg, Stony Brook University,
  • Dr. Rob Johnson, Stony Brook University,
  • Dr. Arie Kaufman, Stony Brook University,
  • Dr. Robert T. Lofaro, Brookhaven National Lab,
  • Dr. Jon Longtin, Stony Brook University,
  • Dr. Pat Looney, Brookhaven National Lab,
  • Dr. Devinder Mahajan, Stony Brook University,
  • Dr. Amy Marschilok, Stony Brook University,
  • Dr. James Misewich, Brookhaven National Lab,
  • Dr. David Mitlin, Clarkson University,
  • Dr. Miriam H. Rafailovich, Stony Brook University,
  • Dr. Vyacheslav Solovyov, Stony Brook University,
  • Dr. Esther Takeuchi, Stony Brook University,
  • Dr. T. A. Venkatesh, Stony Brook University,
  • Dr. Erez Zadok, Stony Brook University,
  • Dr. Gang He, Stony Brook University,
  • Dr. Michael Kamins,